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About this product

TikTok is a video-sharing app that has quickly risen in popularity among the younger generation. It's a social media app where people can post short videos of themselves doing all sorts of things, such as singing songs or talking about what they find interesting. TikTok offers content of all sorts - from theater to sports to cooking to music videos, and even daily vlogs. This way, no matter what you like, you'll always find something enjoyable

Why tiktok comments are important?


TikTok is a social media app that allows people to connect with others and make short videos. People are always eager to find out what's captivating the attention of so many TikTok users. When they see a large number of comments, they are more likely to become interested in the post.

  • Tiktok comments are one of the most important factors in TikTok's algorithm. They represent a significant percentage of the engagement rate and can affect how posts are ranked in search results.
  • Tiktok comments are important because they start a conversation. Comments can be seen as valuable feedback and constructive criticism which can potentially improve the quality of your video. 
  • Tiktok comments help others understand what you might have been trying to convey in your video and give them insight into what they might be expecting when they watch it. They also allow people to share their thoughts on what they just watched, which can result in more shares and likes.
  • Tiktok comments make your post more visible, allowing more people to see it. It enables a bigger audience to view your creative works and engage with your postings.


How to have more tiktok comments


  • Make original and authentic content

TikTok is home to some of the most talented video makers out there, who share their creativity and knowledge with others. Originality and authenticity are appreciated by the TikTok community, so try making original content that also inspires other viewers to take action. 

  • Ask questions 

You always want more comments when you publish a video, so at the end of your video, ask a question in the comment or in the caption. That way you'll also have a chance to get feedback and answer any questions viewers had.

  • Interacting with others 

One of the best ways to build your audience is by commenting on other videos and providing helpful responses. Interacting with your existing viewers can also be a useful way to get them to subscribe and watch your videos more frequently.

  • Keep up with the latest trends

You have to make sure you track the latest trends, as they're an important aspect of your work. For example, right now, TikTok's comprised of popular challenges and special sound effects. Whatever hot trend is happening right now, be sure to use them in all your videos.

Buy tiktok comments 

TikTok is one of the most rapidly expanding social media platforms out there, and this has resulted in increased competition. There are millions of videos uploaded every day which has meant the platform has become flooded with content. There is barely anything getting through which can make it difficult to find something that stands out.

When it comes to TikTok, the comments section is where all the action happens. The latest posts from accounts with millions of followers are full of comments and takes. The more engagement an account has, the higher it ranks on TikTok's home page and in search results, which means more popularity and exposure. Buying or generating comments creates a snowball effect that can significantly boost your account's success which will result in more views, likes, and followers.

In the digital world, it is essential to constantly be on top of your game. It is your responsibility to make sure that your posts are engaging and filled with value for the viewers. When you purchase comments, they make other people engage and interact with your content. 

Viewers will be impressed by the quantity of comments on your posts, which will encourage them to look at more of your content. 

Buy tiktok comments on Anotherfollower will save you time and will also have a positive impact on your account as a whole.



"story time" and "crop" comments on tiktok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform where people can post their own productions and interact with others. It has something for everyoneyou can either create your own video or watch other people's videos.

As the number of users of this app rises daily, new items are beginning to appear on it. This app uses a vocabulary that is continually evolving and altering quite rapidly.

You may have noticed a lot of people using the words "story time" and "cropout of context in the comments section. These occurrences are becoming more and more frequent with videos of all types, no matter what they're about. It may be a TikTok of someone performing a comedy act, dancing, boasting about a Fortnite victory, or something else entirely. 

For example, the term ‘crop’ appears in many of the descriptions and comments on this app, but the meaning of ‘crop’ on TikTok is unclear for most of us. This was seen in the form of phrases that create the sentence 'We Need Crop'. They were seen more in comments rather than captionsIn simple terms, this comment is telling the person on whose post they have commented that s/he should post the video without changing anything in the screenshot, they simply want the original video with nothing written on it or any filters applied.

Now if you see someone posting a video with a lot of attachments, like flashy graphics or titles that aren't related, you can ask them to remove those and upload the original version of the video by sing this short phrase it make your message loud and clear and it requires only a few words.

The 'story time' comment is used in videos of people telling a story about either a made up or real event.When someone was telling a story and the audience desired a longer explanation of something, they would leave the comment 'story time' for the storyteller to know that they desired more.


Therefore, in order to compete on the platform and increase your chances of achieving the desired status, you should purchase Tiktok comments, it will help you achieve your goals and increases your chances of success,  and eventually  go viral while competing with other popular Tiktokers.

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Got my order fufilled directly with no issues, enjoying my insta fame rn.


Got my order fufilled directly with no issues, enjoying my insta fame rn.


Got my order fufilled directly with no issues, enjoying my insta fame rn.