How to become a Youtube influencer ?


We all dreamed of becoming a travel influencer, visiting countries and making vlogs for our subscribers... By reading these few lines you will see that the dream can quickly become reality by following our method.

The first method will consist in placing your videos in the Youtube recommendations. By using certain methods that we will present to you, you have all your chances to succeed in exploding your Youtube view counter.

Locate the videos that work for your competitors


At first, you just need to find 3 or 4 Youtube channels that talk about the same subject as your Youtube channel. Among these channels, you will select the most popular videos, those that have the most Youtube views.

Another technique is to simply type a video idea in the Youtube search bar and select the most popular videos.

The first step may seem simple, but it does not stop there. Indeed, you will now have to propose a more interesting content than the one of your selected videos. And actually, this is totally logical, Youtube works thanks to the retention of users on its platform. For this, the social network must always offer content that interests and makes people click. So if your video is not more interesting than the selected video, you will have no chance to be placed in the recommendations. If Youtube offers videos that do not make people click, it is simply the end of its business model, and the algorithm is designed in this sense.

Optimize your click rate


As you can see, in order for Youtube to promote your video, one of the most important criteria will be the click rate. The click rate will depend on several parameters:

The title of your Youtube video

Logically you have copied the idea of a competing video, so the title will have to be globally similar while trying to add a more relevant element or angle.

The other parameter will be the Youtube thumbnail

Don't underestimate the power of the image... Moreover you can easily stand out from the competition... You have already noticed that when it comes to a specific video topic, Youtube thumbnails all look the same... Think for example about Minecraft videos, all the thumbnails are identical and for a user, it is difficult to make a choice between all these identical videos. That's why you absolutely have to stand out by offering an original thumbnail. To do this, analyze the thumbnails of others, identify the colors they use, if they show their faces and propose a radically different thumbnail. In the situation where all Youtube thumbnails are identical, going out of the ordinary will greatly increase your click rate.


A better viewing time

The higher the average viewing time, the more likely it is that Youtube will recommend your video. Indeed, the economic model of Youtube is based on advertising and therefore on the duration of viewing. A video that manages to keep the users in suspense will be more easily recommended.

For this you must take care of your Youtube introduction, it is a short promise that announces the color to your users, it will be decisive for your retention rate.


Buy Youtube Views, Subscribers and Likes


In combination with this method you can also buy Youtube views but also Youtube subscribers. The views and subscribers we provide come from real accounts. We promote your Youtube video to our community, this also allows you to create your own community with real users.

Buying views on Youtube is the most effective and easiest method to set up. Nevertheless, it is essential to focus on your content in order to produce quality Youtube videos.