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Our Instagram story viewer allows you to watch and download an Instagram story anonymously. This tool is accessible on phone or computer can important the type of phone you use. However, it is important that the Instagram account is public in order to download its stories.


When you want to view an Instagram story, the person who published that story will be able to see the users who have viewed that story. By using Instagram story viewer, you don't need to log in to an Instagram account. Thus, you will be able to view an Instagram story anonymously.

Instagram also does not allow you to download the stories you view. So we suggest you to be able to download them with just a few clicks. This way you can save memories that are dear to you and share them more easily.


Why would I want to watch stories anonymously?


The reasons why you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously can be many:


  • You don't want to improve the statistics of the account in question
  • You don't want the person to think that you are interested in them
  • You want to analyze your competitors' content without them noticing


How to use our Instagram story viewer?


Other methods to watch an Instagram story anonymously

Although using Instagram story viewer remains the easiest method to watch an Instagram story anonymously, other methods can be used.


Watching stories in airplane mode


This method is quite simple and does not require any special manipulation.

You just have to launch the Instagram application and wait for all the stories to load. Once all the stories are loaded, you can activate the airplane mode.


stories are loaded


The airplane mode will disable your internet connection. However, you have previously uploaded the stories so you can view them without a connection. With airplane mode, neither Instagram nor users can know that you have viewed their stories.


Instagram story Airplane Mode


Create an Instagram account to watch stories anonymously


The second method is a bit more tedious than the first. It consists in creating a new Instagram account specifically dedicated to watch Instagram stories anonymously.


Be careful, however, the user will see that your account to watch his story. It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant when creating your account. Do not leave any information that could allow a connection with you. Use a totally random account name. Moreover, keep in mind that watching your account and your stories will increase the statistics of the user. If you want to avoid this, we recommend using our Instagram story viewer.


Use Instagram story viewers is certainly the most well-known tool for viewing an Instagram story anonymously. This is due to the simplicity of using the tool. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Enter the name of the Instagram account. Several formats are accepted:
  • Indicate only the name of the account without arobase. Example: cristiano
  • Indicate the name of the account using the arobase. Example: @cristiano
  • Indicate the url of the account. Example :  


  1. Once this step is done, you will have access to several features:
  • View the account's Instagram stories
  • Download the stories
  • Access the account's publications (photo, video, IGTV etc...) Story anonym 


  1. When you download the Instagram story, you get a .jpg file, this will simply allow you to keep the story or republish it if it is relevant.




This tool is very similar to the first one in its functionality. However, it requires a prior registration to view the story. It is still free though.

The principle remains the same, you must fill in the name of the Instagram account. You will then access all the stories of the user of the last 24 hours. Unlike, you will only have access to Instagram stories. You will not be able to see all the publications of the account.




For these 2 tools, you could view the story anonymously, the account on which you have viewed the story will not receive any notification, it will have no way to know that you have viewed its story.