How to break through on Tiktok?

Tiktok is the social network to be on. It is now the most downloaded social network with 1 billion downloads worldwide.
It has become in just a few years an essential element in the communication strategy. Whether you are an individual or a company, it is important to master this tool.
By using the right methods and practices you will be able to break through on Tiktok in a few months.


Post regularly on Tiktok


First of all, it is important that you increase your posting frequency. Ideally you should reach 1 publication per day. Each new publication will increase your number of Tiktok followers and duplicate your chances of breaking through on Tiktok. Publishing regularly will also allow you to build a loyal community. When you don't publish for several days in a row, your followers tend to forget you...

To optimize your posts, we also advise you to publish your content in the morning between 7am and 9am and in the evening between 7pm and 11pm. These times correspond to the time when users are not at work and have free time to devote to you, so take advantage of it!

The best time to post on tiktok on Saturday is at the end of the day between 7pm and 10pm.


Optimize your Hashtags


Tiktok Hashtags are a very powerful tool on Tiktok. Indeed, many users use these hashtags as a search engine. By using the right keywords you can easily duplicate your visibility and interactions on Tiktok.


So how to find the best hashtags?


First of all, some Tiktok hashtags will be obvious to find. However, if you rely only on your instinct you will miss many relevant keywords. In order to optimize your choices, we advise you to use a Tiktok hashtag generator. At Anotherfollower we have set up a generator that allows you to find the best Tiktok hashtags and to propose them to you in descending order. We strongly advise you to test this hashtag generator, you will not be disappointed.


Participate in Tiktok challenges


The social network Tiktok is mainly known for its often very popular challenges. Participating in tiktok challenges is a great way to break through on Tiktok and get free followers. The particularity of Tiktok is that it can propel you to the top with only one video. It is therefore important to be informed about the current challenges and to participate in them. More and more brands are also starting to use Tiktok challenges to promote their products. This is the case of Haribo or Lipton who succeeded in accumulating millions of views by creating their own challenge.


Favour short videos


As you may have noticed, Tiktok is designed to highlight short videos. By proposing videos that are 10 to 15 seconds long, you will have a better chance of seeing your video in the "For You" section. This is because Tiktok uses an algorithm to place videos in this section. One of the most important indicators is the user retention rate, which is the length of time users stay on your video. The shorter your Tiktok video is, the more likely it is that users will watch the entire video.


Buy TikTok views, subscribers, likes


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