Best time to post to Instagram

When to post on Instagram?

When to post on Instagram?

Instagram is more than simply a place to share your videos and pictures. It is also an effective marketing strategy tool. Every month, more than one billion individuals around the world use Instagram. Nine out of ten of those one billion users follow a business on Instagram. This implies your company might reach 900 million individuals through this visual-focused social media network. With this many individuals utilizing the network, it is difficult for you not to create an effect and make a lot of money on Instagram. So, if you're not obtaining the desired levels of interaction on social media, something is wrong. Among the factors, it is conceivable that you may post at inappropriate times on social media. How can you make an impact on Instagram by posting at odd hours? What are the best times to post on instagram?


Best time to Post On Instagram


Why do you have to know when to post on Instagram?


Instagram's algorithm is constantly being tweaked, making timeliness critical for posts to rank on a user's feed and accommodating novel features. However, the basic ranking is determined by three factors:

  • Interest: Posts with similar content to what you previously shown interest in will appear at the top of your feeds.
  • Recency: The most current posts will be prioritized to rank higher on the feeds over posts that are days or weeks old.
  • Relationship: Posts and accounts with which you have previously interacted on Instagram rank higher in your feed.

In fact, the engagement rate increases within the first hour as more active people see the content. Based on this, the Instagram algorithm will decide how many other feeds you can appear in to promote interaction after you've posted. So, how do you feel about this? It implies that you should post on Instagram at the optimal time for likes, comments, shares, and saves, and that you should do so when your audience is most engaged.

To take advantage of the recency factor, you must post more frequently on the site during busy periods. It enhances the likelihood of your brand appearing in feeds. Aside from that, it's vital to identify your Instagram marketing objectives. Do you have specific objectives for growing awareness, engagement, or traffic? What does success mean to you, and when have your previous postings been successful? Your prior successes are a good indicator of when you should post overall.

What is the optimum time for different sectors to post on Instagram?


Do you frequently wonder when the best time to post on instagram is? So, here's a breakdown of the average best times (in PST) to publish on instagram and the best day to post on instagram:

  • Monday: 9 am to 10 am
  • Tuesday: 9 am to 10 am
  • Wednesday: 5 am, 11 am, and 3 pm
  • Thursday: 12 pm and 5 pm
  • Friday: 9 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 12 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm

Sprout Social did a study to determine the best times to post on Instagram in various businesses. Remember that the results include the posting schedules of over 20,000 brands, and that the industries cover a wide range of niches and divisions. These posting dates can be a useful starting place for your own study if you don't know where to start, but they should only be used as a starting point.

  • Retail: Wednesday (3 p.m.) and Friday (11 a.m.–12 p.m.)
  • Media and entertainment: Friday (9 a.m.)
  • Tech: Wednesday (6 a.m. and 9 a.m.)
  • Non-profit: Wednesday (2 p.m.)
  • Education: Friday (10 a.m.)
  • Health care: Tuesday (8 a.m.)
  • Professional services: Every day (9 a.m.–10 p.m.)
  • Food and beverage: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (12 p.m.)
  • Travel and tourism: Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday (11 a.m.–1 p.m. and 9 a.m.–10 a.m.) 

When is the best time to post on instagram?


Day Best Times to Post on IG
Monday 6 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM
Tuesday 4 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM
Wednesday 7 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM
Thursday 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM
Friday 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM
Saturday 9 AM, 10 AM, 7 PM
Sunday 7 AM, 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM


Secondary research findings can be used as a starting point for determining when is the best time to post on instagram. These ostensibly "optimal times" are based on a vast number of posts to get an average that may or may not be the "best time" for every sort of brand. You may quickly discover that the 6 a.m. time slot does not work for you, but at least you tried it and can check it off your list of good posting times. So you have to try different things to find out what is the best time to post on instagram for your brand.




Use Instagram analytics to learn more about your followers:

If you have an Instagram business account, you may check your followers' demographics, such as their age, gender, and location. This will assist you in scheduling your posts in the correct timezone. Even if your firm is headquartered in London, you can plan your posts on Greenwich Mean Time, but these Instagram analytics also tell when your followers are online.


Investigate your competitors

The retail industry, for example, contains anything from B2B subscription companies to baby apparel, both of which have quite diverse customers. It can be beneficial to concentrate on your primary competitors to determine the best days to post on instagram. Pick three or four brands that are similar to yours or have a similar audience and see when they post and which posts receive the most engagement.


Experiment with posting at various times

Choosing the optimum times to post on instagram is frequently a subject of trial and error. What works one week may not work the next, so keep experimenting until you find a time that produces consistent results. Use Instagram's analytics tool to evaluate which posts work best, or conduct the study manually with a spreadsheet. If you post at 5 p.m. on Monday the first week, modify it to 6 p.m. the second week. When you've identified the times that generate the greatest Instagram engagement, repeat the experiment to validate your theory and ensure that the first results were not a fluke. 


Consider the content of your posts

The content of your Instagram posts will almost certainly have a greater impact than time alone. Terrible posts will almost certainly perform badly at all times; wonderful posts will almost certainly perform incredibly at all times. What you post will also have an effect on engagement levels throughout the day. For example, if your content incorporates or promotes something that people do in the evenings, it may perform better in the late afternoon or evening. A winery presenting their latest bottle would do better on Instagram on a Friday or Saturday evening rather than a Monday morning, when a glass of wine is unlikely to be on anyone's thoughts. These strategies will help you find the best time to post on instagram today.

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