10 Instagram carousel examples

10 Instagram carousel examples

10 Instagram carousel examples

We've all heard how beneficial Instagram can be for building a brand or spreading the word about a product. However, few individuals are aware of the best strategies to use Instagram to increase brand exposure. It is worth noting that carousel posts on Instagram have the highest average engagement rate of any posts in the feed. With the appropriate plan, you can boost interaction, reach new audiences, and even enhance product sales. That includes adding Instagram Carousels into your strategy. So, how can I make Instagram carousels, you may wonder? Don't worry, we've got your back. Here are some instagram carousel examples you can get inspiration from.


10 examples of carousels that work on Instagram


Create a tutorial in a carousel post


Create a tutorial in a carousel post


For some activities, the visual takes precedence over the written word. To engage your audience, provide them the format that is best for them, not the format that is most convenient for you. Detaining the steps in one or more videos is required in the following situations:

  •  DIY creation;
  • sports session;
  • cooking recipe execution, etc.

Instead of making multiple videos, use the legend or caption to communicate additional information such as the ingredient list or the tools required. Be as exhausting as possible! You can only use ten photographs or videos.


Product promotion on Instagram


Promote a Product with Instagram Carousel


When launching a new product or promoting one of your products, you will go to any length to capture the attention of consumers. The Instagram carousel makes it possible to get this inexhaustible result. The time spent by each subscriber on your publication increases, sending a strong indication to Instagram's algorithm that your content is appealing and that it should be shown to as many users as possible. You're becoming more visible! This style works in a variety of settings and achieves the same goals: demonstrating the quality of your product and inducing purchase.There are instagram carousel ideas you can implement. 


Communicating about an event 


The organization of an event results in the posting of many content (pictures or videos) on social media by you and all participants. These spontaneous moments are typically shared via Instagram stories. They are separated from the feed and vanish after 24 hours. In addition to the stories format, organize those that speak the most to your audience in Instagram carousels to avoid clogging your followers' news feed. Communicate with your attendees at all stages of the event: before, during, and after, and save all user-generated content for recycling!


Motivating subscribers to take action


Communicating about an event


Instagram's algorithm is fed by the total number of interactions you generate. The more reactions your publication generates, the higher it rises in the news cycle. The best way to get a response from your subscribers in the comments is to ask them a question!

For example, suppose you want to launch a new product but aren't sure what color to use. Create an Instagram album and get feedback from your customers after viewing various alternatives. You not only gain interaction, but you also ensure that your product meets the expectations of your prospects! You can use an online tool to get a carousel instagram template for your project.


Launch a contest for Instagrammers

Contests are popular among social media users, and Instagrammers do not deviate from this rule. Place the most crucial photograph towards the end of your Instagram album to keep your followers on your page for as long as possible.

Each image or video in your album should hold the user's attention and pique their interest so that they continue to scroll through it. For example, you can ask users to vote for their favorite item in order to compete, which forces them to view the entire carousel.


Creating a story with an Instagram carousel


Tell a story with Instagram Carousel


Instagram allows you to display a legend, no matter how long it is, without leaving the news feed. Take use of this place for expression to tell your story. Do you know the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words"? If you are skilled at storytelling, illustrate each point of your story with an image to make it more memorable to your subscribers.

This exercise requires mastery of copywriting methods, as well as a sense of comedy and emotion. Your subscribers must enter your universe in a matter of seconds or you will lose their attention and have wasted your time. Prepare yourself for the story of your company in an Instagram carousel. Put emphasis on authenticity and uniqueness.


Customize your content for your customers

Whatever your product or service is, it is aimed at different audiences, your well-known buyer personas. However, speaking to everyone leads to no one being addressed. Every consumer is unique, and he appreciates it when brands remind him of this!

With the creation of an Instagram carousel, you can speak directly to specific prospects inside the same publication and provide personalized advice. You may then reveal your product line based on the characteristics and expectations of your customers and reach the greatest number of subscribers in a single post. You can use an instagram carousel template on Canva and other tools to do that.


Post a stunning panoramic shot for your fans


Make a powerful statement with Instagram Carousel


You want to share a photograph from your most recent project or trip, but the panoramic format prevents you from doing so in its entirety. You can choose to "cut" it into two or three pieces, in which case it will appear entirely on your account page.

However, for the best results, both on your professional page and on your subscribers' news feed, use the Instagram carousel! This improves user visibility as well as their comprehension of your message.


Post a “behind the scene content”


Instagram carousel Behind-the-scenes


Give your subscribers access to your company's backstages and invite them to join you on your adventure. Displaying oneself as a brand with nothing to hide benefits the consumer's perception. Share moments from your day to strengthen your connection with your audience through tales or frightening events. People enjoy discovering coulisses and become part of a small group of pioneers who know more about you than the rest.


Publish the content created by users


Instagram carousel round-up User-generated Content


The content generated by users (referred to as CGU) carries more weight than your own articles. It enables you to create a community among your subscribers. Consumers place more weight on customer feedback when it is disseminated directly, without any oversight from the brand. This translates to an increase in the rate of engagement on your website. If you collected photographs published by your subscribers during a previous contest, you can utilize them to create Instagram carousels.

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